Sometimes it’s hard to find the ultimate car. A car which offers the ride quality of a limousine yet the sporty handling traits which have seen Subaru rocket to the top of the motorsport charts.

Not with the Legacy. It offers the best of all worlds. On the one hand, it has the heart of a Subaru – meaning it boasts superb driving dynamics and handles as though it’s on rails. Like all other Subaru models, the Legacy boasts Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and Vehicle Dynamics Control – which, out on the road, translates into legendary handling and superior safety characteristics.

But it also offers dollops of interior and luggage space – and an incredibly refined ride. This premium mid-sized sports sedan, which provides a compelling alternative to its German counterparts, has the longest wheelbase in its class – translating into a cavernous interior.

Plus it boasts every imaginable luxury and convenience feature – from a sensational sound system to extremely effective climate control.

This is car that offers the best of all worlds. And then some.


A remarkably unassuming yet quite exceptional all-round package, the Legacy has a spacious and luxurious interior and a suitably stylish exterior.


When someone climbs into a Legacy for the very first time, the first word on their lips is always “wow”. That’s because the Legacy really is amazingly luxurious. Think those German sedans are well equipped? Think again. The Legacy has a full house of luxury and convenience features – and the feel, fit and finish of a far more expensive car. This is a real quality act.

Naturally, the interior oozes leather – which is complemented by either an aluminium or carbon fibre trim.

Drivers always enjoy the electronically adjustable driver’s seat with memory function (the passenger has the same in the GT), which swiftly moves into the ideal driving position. The seat is complemented by a telescopic steering wheel – which is easily adjusted to the perfect driving position.

They also tend to appreciate the functional instrumentation – which not only looks good but is also extremely easy to read – and the steering wheel mounted controls. The paddle shifts give the car a distinct F1 feel.

Other wonderful creature comforts include the extremely effective dual zone climate control, the premium quality 6-disc CD changer, Bluetooth, the multifunction centre console and the convenient electronic park brake.


Elegance and presence have always been key Legacy traits and this most certainly applies to the very latest model; its sporty presence and timeless beauty have attracted fans across the globe.

The overall shape has unmistakeable authority; features such as the flared wheel arches achieve both a powerful and chiselled, modern look. Yet the lines are clean and uncluttered; this is a car which makes a statement – its owners understand class and have a true sense of style.

The doors open wide to allow ease of ingress and egress while the sport body kit, 18" alloy wheels and xenon headlamps give the car a distinctive athletic appearance.


Subaru is synonymous with safety; the two go hand in hand. And there can be no doubt that the Legacy rules the safety roost – it boasts active and passive safety features galore.

Active safety

No one ever wants an accident to happen and, when you drive a Legacy, you minimise your chances of this taking place thanks to the car’s comprehensive line-up of active safety features.

The car’s brakes are nothing short of superb; the Legacy has ABS/EBD/BAS as well as a tie-rod tandem brake booster, which provides peace of mind on any road and in any driving conditions. Subaru’s legendary Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and Vehicle Dynamics Control do an outstanding job of keeping the car pointing in the right direction while Hill Start Assist is a nifty tool, which prevents the car from rolling back at start-up. The front fog lights illuminate even the darkest of roads, helping the driver spot possible obstructions well in advance.

These illustrious safety features have seen the Legacy earn a five-star rating for occupant safety from the Australasian New Car Assessment Programme (ANCAP), a five-star overall rating in the European New car Assessment Programme (NCAP) and a Top Safety Pick rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in the USA.

Passive safety

Alas, even a car equipped with all the active safety features in the world and an enormously capable driver may sometimes experience an accident. That’s when passive safety features come into play – they are there to minimise harm to the driver and passengers.

The Legacy has a multitude of passive safety features, designed to keep its occupants out of harm’s way – such as a whopping seven airbags (including a driver’s knee airbag), seatbelts, ISOFIX mountings and ring shaped reinforcement.

Furthermore, passengers are protected from side, frontal and rear-end impacts. The engineers used high tensile materials within the B-pillar and side sills to minimise the impact of side impacts while frontal impacts are minimised thanks to a cradle frame for the engine (this folds over during an impact). And rear impacts? Well, the frame structure is specially designed so that it compresses gradually during a rear-end collision.


Symmetry gives you balance. Balance gives you control. That is why Subaru has spent nearly 40 years developing the Symmetrical AWD system. Matched with the SUBARU BOXER engine for an almost perfectly symmetrical layout, it maximises the power delivery with exceptional traction and generates balance and stability for total control in almost any condition, heightening your enjoyment in every experience behind the wheel.

Symmetrical All wheel drive

The Legacy represents a fresh new take on the sports sedan. Unlike some it isn’t merely rear-wheel-drive and unlike others it isn’t just front-wheel-drive. Instead, all four wheels are driven all the time thanks to Symmetrical All Wheel Drive. Symmetry gives you balance. Balance gives you control. That’s why Subaru has spent nearly 40 years perfecting the system which when matched with the Boxer engine for an almost perfectly symmetrical layout, maximises the power delivery with exceptional traction and generates balance and stability for total control in almost any condition. The result: heightened driver enjoyment.

Exceptional traction makes acceleration feel immediate and exhilarating and the symmetry helps the Legacy deliver responsive handling because it's more stable during cornering, for a unique feeling of control at all times. But it isn’t just about thrills without the spills. In bad weather, or in the precious seconds it takes to react to a sudden emergency situation, the symmetrical drivetrain with almost total side-to-side balance provides the stability, agility and traction that help you step around danger.

Boxer Engine

Life is all about choices and in the case of Legacy there are no less than three in the engine department.

Naturally smooth and strong, Legacy's effortless SOHC 2.5-litre engine delivers high fuel efficiency with ultra-clean emissions. This power unit has an incredible heritage and ongoing development has led to steady improvements over the years, while confirming the excellence of the fundamental design.

Economical and exhilarating, Legacy’s 2.0-litre double overhead camshaft bristles with features that boost low and midrange torque. And from its naturally vibration-cancelling horizontally-opposed layout, it delivers unexpected refinement and response.

The Legacy 2.5 GT Premium gets a turbocharged, double overhead cam version of the 2,5-litre engine, and there’s 195 kW of power and 350 Nm of torque underfoot. A torque curve which is more of a tabletop than an arc makes for soothing performance, irrespective of the conditions. An intercooler with a 25 percent larger core and revised turbo intake plumbing contribute to minimal lag and consistent power output.


A five-speed Sportshift automatic transmission with paddle shifts is fine-tuned for the GT application (including throttle blip control on downshifts), where instant reactions to driver commands enhance the experience.

A six-speed manual with a short throw and close ratios is the ideal fit for the free-revving 2.0-litre DOHC powerplant, providing a distinctly sporty feel.  The 6-speed also offers smooth and precise shifting, along with exceptionally light weight that add to the Legacy’s overall responsiveness. The 2.0i Premium is also available with the Lineartronic CVT automatic transmission– which comes with paddle shifters as standard - to provide a two-pedal self-shift option with hair-trigger reactions (shifts take less than a 10th of a second) on demand.

The state-of-the-art Lineartronic continuously variable transmission is nonetheless able to combine smoothness with intelligent shifting when left to its own devices (though always with the option of self-shifting via the paddles), and is therefore also a perfect companion for the more relaxed nature of the 2.5-litre SOHC engine. It provides seamless response to changing conditions and because it uses a chain instead of a belt—allowing a greater span of overall ratios for improved performance and efficiency, and faster responses to driver input – it is also lower in maintenance than traditional CVT ‘boxes.

Available models

2.0i CVT and 2.5i CVT