Subaru Technology

Boxer Engine

Subaru firmly believes that the Horizontally-Opposed Engine is the optimum design for driving enjoyment. The pistons face away from each other in a 180º symmetrical layout around the crankshaft and work to balance out each other’s vibrations, delivering a smooth, shudder-free feel. This is because the engine can rotate freely at any given speed, delivering heart-gripping response to the driver. The length and height of this engine layout can be kept shorter than a traditional in-line engine, and it is also lighter. The engine can be mounted lower in the vehicle than other engines, and weight balance on the left and right can be made almost exactly the same. In this design, the low centre of gravity engine lowers the centre of gravity of the entire car. Similarly, a symmetrically balanced engine increases the symmetrical balance of the entire car. Both of these aspects combine to deliver a safer, more stable, and ultimately, more enjoyable experience on the road.

Symmetrical AWD

Symmetrical AWD, comprising of a longitudinally mounted Horizontally-Opposed SUBARU BOXER engine and a symmetrically designed 4WD drivetrain, is the system that Subaru has focused on for the best stability, safety and on-road performance. This unique drivetrain has been at the core of Subaru development ever since the world’s first 4WD passenger car was released more than five decades ago. The entire drive system, from the longitudinally mounted Horizontally-Opposed Engine to the rear differential, is mounted in a straight, symmetrical line. The characteristics of the longitudinally mounted Horizontally-Opposed Engine, which can be positioned low in the vehicle, have been maximised to bring the centre of gravity as low as possible, and towards the centre of the vehicle itself. The extreme performance that this superior weight balance provides works with the outstanding traction of 4WD to limit the chassis rolling and pitching, which occur driving around corners or braking, for maximum stability at all times. The resulting chassis rocks less and ride comfort is increased, making the journey enjoyable for all passengers.


One button elevates driving confidence and provides advanced, SUV-like control. The all-new X-Mode brings a whole new meaning to security and peace of mind, regardless of how rough or slippery a road may be as it works to coordinate the engine, transmission, Symmetrical AWD and brakes to safely drive over almost any type terrain.

Hill Decent Control

X-Mode assists in those cases where the vehicle starts moving faster as it drives downhill, like when driving down snowy roads or gravel slopes. Hill Descent Control maintains the vehicle’s speed so the driver can focus more on steering.


For instant, seamless response to changing conditions, the redesigned Lineartronic Continuously Variable Transmission elevates efficiency of the BOXER engine and Symmetrical AWD by keeping the engine in its ideal power range. Featuring a reinforced transmission case and new torque converter, Lineatronic delivers a smoother ride while also reducing mechanical noise during operation. Adaptive control automatically shifts to the most optimal gear to suit any driving style and road condition, while a stepped variable control is in tune with changes in engine speed, maximising drivability and performance.


Subaru set out to design a new chassis to take “comfort” and “handling” to a completely new dimension. One of the featured characteristics is the rear double wishbone suspension system. The system increases contact between the tyres and the ground, and negotiates bumps in the road surface smoothly for supreme ride comfort, regardless of which seat passengers sit in. Handling has also been improved by increasing contact between the tyres and the ground at the front of the vehicle, with an increase in mounting rigidity of the more conventional front strut suspension. With the Legacy in particular, mounting the front suspension to the cradle frame increases rigidity further and improves steering response.

Highly Rigid Body

A safer vehicle focused on the Ring-Shaped Reinforced Frames

To utilise the vehicle’s performance in the best possible way, a highly rigid body is required, while a lighter body is also essential for increasing driving performance. For an ideal balance of both of these qualities, Subaru has created a highly rigid and lightweight body by comprehensively using aluminium materials and high tensile steel plates throughout the vehicle. A degree of flexibility has also been incorporated to allow the chassis, and suspension movements in particular, to perform better.
For better safety in the event of an accident, Subaru has implemented its own technical development based on examinations of actual accidents. One of the most significant results that benefits protection in all directions is the “Ring-Shaped Reinforced Frames”. Each pillar, including the centre pillar, body side frames and floor crossmember are positioned in a ring-like layout, all connected to form a protective shell. This cage-like design firmly encompasses the driving area that is the cabin.